About Waxing

Preparation for your waxing appointment

Ideally hair needs to be no shorter than 1cm in length to obtain optimal removal.

Exfoliate the area to help bring hairs to the surface the day of the treatment.

Do not moisturise the day of the treatment on the area as this can prevent wax from sticking to the skin.


How frequently does waxing need to be done?

It varies from client to client but on average every 4-6 weeks.


After care for waxing

No swimming, sauna, steam rooms or sunbeds for 24hrs. Wash with a tea tree based skin wash to keep the follicles clean and to avoid breakouts. A good wash we recommend is Australian Body Care Skin Wash.

Once the re growth starts and hairs start to appear exfoliating is encouraged to help prevent in grown hairs.